Fake It

When you feel like jumping ship grab your jewels and get a grip It’s like playing make-believe fake it even

Stuck in a Rut

Stuck in a rut, stuck here for good Stuck in a rut by myself What am I to do by

Lazy Day

Lazy day in the sun Can you believe it? The weather has finally succumbed We can be on our way

Beaten By The Gun

Awaken, to discover the time It fell by the wayside Must have left it behind Destiny walked away from me

Love sick rock ‘n roll

My baby’s got a twitch She don’t know where it came from She’s got to get her fix She’s working


Look at what you’ve started Look at what you’ve started here Oh why would you do this to me? It’s

Long Way From Home

Packed his bag, he was leaving home Stuck out his thumb and he hit the road On his way to

Heads or tails (unplugged)

Hey sucker, joke’s on you You can scream ’till you’re blue It doesn’t matter what you found, ’cause the coin

Unholy (Unplugged)

Honey, honey don’t you know Clock is ticking, my watch is slow Got things that I wanna do Sold my

The Turn

When your heart is attracted to what it fears it ceases to exist with eluding ideas You try to jolt

Venus Fly Trap

Must have been the time, the confidence in her smile The way she looked at me, looked away and for

Devil ‘n Pistol

I went down to the river and I found myself a friend He took all my pain and suffering and

Rock Out

As the sun draws water resistance is breaking down Crumbling like a biscuit, food for the suspicious minds who frown

Untie Yourself

We walked into a crowded place There were many a familiar face Many of whom thought they had some taste,

Nothing Left to Lose

I rise up from my sleep Pull the curtains back to see just what the world has got to offer

Devil ‘n Pistol (Live)

Taxi Violence performing Devil ‘n Pistol live on the James Philips stage at Oppikoppi Sweet Thing 2012.

Devil ‘n Pistol (Live and Unplugged)

In 2008, Taxi Violence were filmed doing an unpublicised, unplugged pop-up show at Oppikoppi – using a Red Bull outside

#TV10 Teaser

Taxi Violence celebrated their 10th anniversary year by releasing their 5th studio album in September 2014. This was a short

Feelin’ Unholy

Feelin’ Unholy is a documentary film, capturing key moments during the making of Taxi Violence’s second record, The Turn. It

Rock ‘n’ Roll Perfection

Probably the most rocking band ever to come out of South Africa, Taxi Violence have achieved legendary status and are

Venus Fly Trap (Live)

A very early version of Venus Fly Trap being tested on the RAMfest crowd in 2008.

Live SA Magazine (Interview)

George and Jason talk to Live SA Magazine about the album, Tenfold – the 5th studio release from Taxi Violence.

Death to Hollywood (Live)

Taxi Violence perform Death to Hollywood live at RAMfest 2009 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Oppikoppi 2015 (Interview)

Taxi Violence partnered with Windhoek Lager in a nationwide campaign, which saw the band travel with a select few of

101 Rock (Interview)

In studio chatting about Soul Shake – the 4th studio release by Taxi Violence.

Live at Up The Creek 2014 (Full Show)

Taxi Violence live at Up The Creek Festival 2014, filmed by MK. This was the 8th consecutive year that Taxi

MK at Parklife (Interview)

Die MK Flits span het opgevang met Taxi Violence van Kaapstad, by laas jaar se Parklife musiekfees! Hulle praat oor

Oppikoppi 2014 (Interview)

Taxi Violence chat about their 10 year anniversary album, Tenfold, at Oppikoppi 2014.

Fuck Off and Fry (Live 360° Video)

A 360° video of Taxi Violence performing Fuck Off and Fry live at Kill City Blues.

Love Sick Rock ‘n Roll (Live and Unplugged)

Taxi Violence perform Love Sick Rock ‘n Roll at Oppikoppi Sweet \ Thing 2012.

Unholy (Behind The Scenes)

A behind the scenes look at Taxi Violence’s Unholy, shot by first-time music video director, Jason Fialkov.

Long Way From Home Album Launch (Interview)

On 11 May 2011, Taxi Violence launched their unplugged album, Long Way From Home at the Planetarium in Cape Town. Video

Hit Me Up (Live and Unplugged)

Taxi Violence perform Hit Me Up at Synergy Live 2015 – at sparrow’s after a heavy night!

The #Cuervolucion at Synergy Live 2014

Taxi Violence’s track, Hit Me Up features in The #Cuervolucion campaign’s promo video at Synergy Live 2014.

Orange Couch Sessions (Acoustic Performance and Interview)

Taxi Violence perform Best Of Both on TygerBurger’s Orange Couch. They talk about the name and sound of the new

Grant “Twiggy” Baker and Sean Payne Surfing Namibia

Grant “Twiggy” Baker and Sean Payne ripping one of the best lefts in the world, a secret location in Namibia.

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