Video Gallery
Devil ‘n Pistol (Live)

Taxi Violence performing Devil ‘n Pistol live on the James Philips stage at Oppikoppi Sweet Thing 2012.

Devil ‘n Pistol (Live and Unplugged)

In 2008, Taxi Violence were filmed doing an unpublicised, unplugged pop-up show at Oppikoppi – using a Red Bull outside

Venus Fly Trap (Live)

A very early version of Venus Fly Trap being tested on the RAMfest crowd in 2008.

Death to Hollywood (Live)

Taxi Violence perform Death to Hollywood live at RAMfest 2009 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Live at Up The Creek 2014 (Full Show)

Taxi Violence live at Up The Creek Festival 2014, filmed by MK. This was the 8th consecutive year that Taxi

Fuck Off and Fry (Live 360° Video)

A 360° video of Taxi Violence performing Fuck Off and Fry live at Kill City Blues.

Love Sick Rock ‘n Roll (Live and Unplugged)

Taxi Violence perform Love Sick Rock ‘n Roll at Oppikoppi Sweet \ Thing 2012.

Hit Me Up (Live and Unplugged)

Taxi Violence perform Hit Me Up at Synergy Live 2015 – at sparrow’s after a heavy night!

Orange Couch Sessions (Acoustic Performance and Interview)

Taxi Violence perform Best Of Both on TygerBurger’s Orange Couch. They talk about the name and sound of the new

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