RELEASED: 01/07/2013
LABEL: Taxi Violence Music
Soul Shake

Pre-production for what would become Soul Shake began in 2012. Writing sessions took place in the basement of a house that Louis and Rian were renting at the time, and then pre-production was completed at Kill City Blues Studios.

The band teamed up once again with Brendyn “Rusti” Rossouw at Heritage Sound Studio in Cape Town. The idea was to record and release an EP, but after hearing the results in November 2012, it was decided that a full album was rather the way to go. The band went back to the basement, which was now dubbed the “man cave”, where they worked on various demos that each member brought to the table. By early 2013, they were back at Heritage Sound to record the second half of the album.

Soul Shake was released in July 2013. It was mixed my Theo Crous at Bellville Studios and mastered by Rogan Kelsey at Lapdust Studios.

You may never have heard of Taxi Violence before – but all that should change. Now.

Russell Hughes – Rush on Rock

The song, Brainmash is about having a crazy night and being the life of the party, to feeling like death the next morning. The single was playlisted on 5FM and did well on all campus radio stations. The album also features a cover version of God’s Gonna Cut You Down – a song that was made famous by Johnny Cash.

A video was shot for the single, Love Sick Rock ‘n’ Roll, which was aired on MTV.


  1. Brainmash
  2. Seize the Day
  3. Lost Sock
  4. Love Sick Rock ‘n’ Roll
  5. Best of Both
  6. Soul Shake
  7. Paint the Streets
  8. Ain’t Got the Time (But I Got the Moves)
  9. God’s Gonna Cut You Down
  10. Get Me Off
  11. Walk Across My Grave
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