The Turn

When your heart is attracted to
what it fears it ceases to exist
with eluding ideas

You try to jolt the leaches from the trench within
leaving no traces of your ghastly sins
Cleansed, invigorated seeking only more
brand new second hand moving to the fore

The turn is right around the bend

When your wounds have finally healed but impression remains
It leaves discoloration running through your veins
And the fraction of the soul that remains intact
regains it’s former posture but with newfound tact

The turn is right around the bend

For many moons I’ve yearned
for winds of change to turn
My day has finally come
at last I don’t feel numb

The beginning of the end
the shedding of old skin
to transform and transcend
the turn is round the bend

Released into the yonder
with vigor and with thunder
to roam the open land
to spread and to expand

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