Taxi Violence to release multiple EPs

Taxi Violence - Shape and Form

It’s been nearly three years since we released our 5th album, Tenfold, but we’re hitting this year hard and fast – and with a twist. We intend to release multiple EPs during the course of 2017.

To release music in smaller batches allow us to give our fans new material more regularly. In the end it is still going to come together to form a full album, it will just be released in installments.” – Rian Zietsman

Download the first single for FREE

Shape and Form I will be the first offering in this series. This EP, as well as the music video for the first single, ‘Fake It‘ will be released on 13 February 2017. The single is now available as a free download:

The artwork – by acclaimed illutrator, Chris Slabber – will evolve with each EP’s release.

It symbolises progression and evolution. Nothing stays the same, including us and what we do as a band.” – Rian Zietsman

The sound of the first installment in the Shape and Form series is SUPER SIZED. It’s almost inevitable that there will be a natural evolution of sorts.

We have been doing this for a long time and there is a broader change, but within the microcosm of this album, I am sure the sound is going to change from episode to episode.” – Rian Zietsman

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