Rock Out

As the sun draws water resistance is breaking down
Crumbling like a biscuit, food for the suspicious minds who frown
But they know all about it

Office politics and failed love affairs
The thought of minibus taxis on their way to who knows where
Tax that fluctuates and petrol price is too high
Makes you want to pull your hair and scream at the sky

One more complication in my life
One more added frustration makes my daylight night
Is there some relief from
Can you show me options?
They may vary but they come way too slow

Running up and down to get every little thing done
For no apparent reason something always goes wrong
As the annoying traffic of mishaps start to pile up
You reach for the nearest exit, because you want it to stop

There we were smiling having fun
Rolling around in the grass, looking at the butterflies flapping around
Oh it’s so pretty here
Why can’t this day dream last?

Because it’s nowhere near what this day has been like
A massive thorn in my side
Pricking me to remind that you should be playing your hand
You got to be tough
It’s that fire, fire burning up
It’s that kick and never giving up
That love and hate relationship

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